The mission of the Pennsylvania Lifesharing Coalition is to promote, support and embrace the concept of Lifesharing and the philosophies of self-determination and everyday lives.

“Having a place to go is HOME
Having someone to love is FAMILY
Having both is a WONDERFUL LIFE.”

Name of ResourceI/DD Overview
Resource Demographics

APS Healthcare, SW PA Health Care Quality Unit

8775 Norwin Avenue, Suite 103

North Huntington, PA 15642


Training Catalog; 

Course Overview♦ Define intellectual disability and related terms.
♦ Identify challenges in diagnosing mental illness in a person with I/DD
♦ Cite current supports for people with I/DD



Test score at end of an online training must be 80% or higher. If less than 80%, there
is an opportunity to retake the training and test as many times as necessary to pass.
A certificate documenting the training hours will then be available to print.


Training Hours

1 Hours

 Paper & Pencil 
 Web Based  
 Instructor Led 
Document Review
Video / DVD

Save the Date October 17-18, 2016