The mission of the Pennsylvania Lifesharing Coalition is to promote, support and embrace the concept of Lifesharing and the philosophies of self-determination and everyday lives.

History of Lifesharing

Lifesharing, also known as "Family Living" or "Shared Living" officially began in Pennsylvania in 1982 with a family in Berks County who wanted to support their friend in their own home.  To reflect the diversity of relationships in these living arrangements, "Family Living" became best known as Lifesharing/Shared Living to be describe the lifestyles and choices of the people being supported. 

Lifesharing means living with and sharing life experiences with supportive person or persons who form a caring household.  

Lifesharing is recognized as being both a close personal relationship and a place to live.  Lifesharing offers an individual with a disability the opportunity to live with a family or individual who will support his/her desires and needs for an everyday life.

Individuals supported in Lifesharing include children and adults with a wide variety of needs and challenges.  Lifesharing enhances and enriches the lives of indiviuals by offering another residential living option other than a traditional Community Living Home.