The mission of the Pennsylvania Lifesharing Coalition is to promote, support and embrace the concept of Lifesharing and the philosophies of self-determination and everyday lives.

Recent updated information

23-May-2023 - Save the Date Annual Conference

17-Aug-2022 - Meeting Minutes Cleanup

03-Aug-2022 - Hotel Reservations added

18-Jun-2022 - CALL for Conference Sponsors and HHSL info added to Events

05-Jun-2022 - Registration is open for Conference

15-APR-2022 - 2022 LifeSharing Conference Info

11-APR-2022 - Lifesharing Meeting and Training 4/21

05-Dec-2021 - Lifesharing Brochure Update

26-Oct-2021 - Conference Program

09-Sep-2021 - Conference Information update

11-Aug-2021 - Site Cleanup

21-May-2021 - Updated Coalition Flyer

22-Apr-2021 - Conference Information added

16-Feb-2021 -  Removal of changed links and updated Contacts

29-Nov-2020 - Removal of Conference Registration 

24-Sep-2020 - Conference Link added to site

29-May-2020 - 2020 Conference Banner Added

11-May-2020 - Central Meeting Cancellation

25-Mar-2020 - Creating Meeting times

24-Mar-2020 - Updating NE Meeting times

19-Nov-2019 - LifeSharing Brochure and other minor updates

05-Sep-2019 - Conference Brochure and other minor updates

03-Jul-2019 - NE Meeting Location added for Septembers Meeting

13-Mar-2019 - NE Meeting Notes added 03/2019

09-Mar-2019 - Add Northeast Picnic Date

27-Feb-2019 - Conference Date Announcement

25-Feb-2019 - Address change for NE March Meeting

12-Feb-2019 - Add PreService agreement for BirthFamilies and added email addresses

06-Jan-2019 - Fixed 2018 Conference document Link

03-Jan-2019 - Added Lifesharing Award winners

02-Jan-2019 - Statewide Coalition/Central Meeting Times Updated & Northeast Nov-2018 Minutes

14-Dec-2018 - Regional Contact information updated - Fixed navigation to videos

09-Dec-2018 - Created a Video area / 2018 Conference Documents

11-Nov-2018 - 2018 NE Meeting Time & Dates / New LifeSharing Brochure / Central Meeting Minutes

30-Sep-2018 - NE Region Picnic Photos

13-Sep-2018 - Adding Conference Registration Information & Northeast Meeting Minutes

13-Aug-2018 - Central Meeting July Minutes uploaded - Cleanup of past events

16-Jul-2016 - Northeast Meeting LOCATION CHANGE

14-Jul-2018 - Coalition Meeting Minutes Uploaded / NE 2017 Picnic Pictures

24-Jun-2018 - South East MEETING LOCATION CHANGE!!!

13-Jun-2018 - 2018 Conference PAGE INFO

29-May-2018 - NE Meeting Notes & 2018 Picnic Info & Call for Conference Presenters

25-Apr-2018 - NE Picnic info / LifeSharing Conference Date announced

02-Apr-2018 - NE Meeting MINUTES

24-Mar-2018 - NE Meeting TIME updated

13-Feb-2018 - Central / Coalition Meeting Times added

08-Dec-2017 - Addition of South East & Northeast Meeting Dates (November Minutes NE)

28-Nov-2017 - Addition of a forms library underneath Additional Resources

14-Nov-2017 - South Eastern Contacts updated

09-Nov-2017 - Central Meeting Minutes

05-Nov-2017 - New Logo transformation and western minutes from September Meeting

26-Sep-2017 - NE Regional September Minutes

12-Sep-2017 - Coalition minutes from August 2017

08-Sep-2017 - Removal of old Minutes

02-Sep-2017 - UPDATED Conference Brochure

17-Aug-2017 - Updating Navigation 

11-Aug-2017 - Updated Conference information

10-Aug-2017 - LifeSharing Conference Brochure

09-Aug-2017 - Modified Chapter 51 & 6500 Web links - Central  & Western Meeting Dates / NE Meeting Minutes

19-APR-2017 - Fixed ISP Development Link

28-Mar-2017 - Central & Western Meeting Notes added

21-Mar-2017 - Added Training Links to site

14-Feb-2017 - Remove BHSL Survey

19-Jan-2017 - Adding brochure for February Meeting for Western Region

05-Jan-2017 - Update Northeast Meeting times and Minutes & Western Minutes

18-Oct-2016 - Adding of additional presentations to conference web site.

16-Oct-2016 - Final Conference Brochure added

15-Oct-2016 - Adding information to 2016 Conference Documents

                                 Updated Lifesharing Brochure

20-Sep-2016 - Allegheny Lifesharing 5th Annual Conference Information

16-Sep-2016 - Shout OUTS!!!  For 2016 Lifesharing Conference

12-Sep-2016 - Northeast Meeting Changes 13th to 20th.   Meeting Page changed to give updated information

​                                 Statewide Coalition August meeting Minutes added

​                                  LOGO CONTEST added to EVENTS TAB!!!

07-Sep-2016 - Western Meeting UPDATES!! and July minutes added

​                                  Uploaded Photos from NE Summer Picnic (will fix orientation in future)

24-Aug-2016 - Uploaded Corrected Conference Brochure

21-Aug-2016 - Conference Registration Added

​                                  Recap of NE Annual Picnic underneath Meetings and Minutes

11-Aug-2016 - Modifying of Training Site 

08-Aug-2016 - Lifesharing Support Coordinator Training POWERPOINT

29-Jun-2016 - Addition of Lifesharing Nomination Form

07-Jun-2016 - Update the mission statement

24-May-2016 - Adding information to Training page

20-May-2016 - Dept of Labor OVERTIME Ruling

18-May-2016 - Uploaded New Lifesharing Brochure

11-May-2016 - Added additional Conference Information &

                                   Central Meeting Notes

08-May-2016 - Fixing some formatting issues for Google Chrome

02-May-2016 - 2016 Lifesharing Conference Date

02-APR-2016 - Central Meeting Notes - March
                                   DOL Minimum Wage Guid in Dept Of Labor Info
24-Mar-2016 - News Letter Naming Contest & BHSL Survey
                                  NEW page  LIFESHARING STORIES
11-Feb-2016 - Update Main Page
22-Jan-2016 - NE Summer Picnic Flyer
                                 Coalition Minutes / Central Region Minutes
                                  Fixed Contacts page
12-Jan-2016 - Updated meeting location for SE Region
30-Dec-2015 - Changed NE Meeting Location and Added Human Resources Center addresses
08-Dec-2015 - NE Meeting Dates and Locations Added
11-Nov-2015 - Changed KenCrest Address - Added SE 2016 meeting Dates
31-Oct-2015 - Added SURVEY for Lifesharing Conference
28-Oct-2015 - Added Fire Safety Presentation to Conference Docs
                                Added Home Care presentation to Dept of Labor Info
16-Oct-2015 - Added Documents to 2015 Conference Docs  
15-Oct-2015 - Added Documents to 2015 Conference Docs
14-Oct-2015 - Added Documents to 2015 Conference Docs
13-Oct-2015 - Setting up secure web page for 2015 Conference
29-Sep-2015 - 2015 Lifesharing Award Winners
                                 PA Lifesharing Coalition Meeting Dates
                                 Central Region Meeting Dates
                                 Update Contact Information for each region
21-Aug-2015 - 2015 Lifesharing Conference Brochure
18-Aug-2015 - Western Meeting Minutes / Meeting Dates Added
21-Jun-2015 - 2015 Award of Excellence Nomination Form
02-Jun-2015 - 2015 LifeSharing Path Added
                                SE Regional Minutes
                                State Wide Coalition April Minutes
                                2014 LifeSharing Award Winners
                                Modified QuickLinks

23-Mar-2015 - Western Region Minutes - March 17,2015
17-Mar-2015 - SE Regional Minutes - March 10, 2015 
                                Statewide Coalition Minutes - February 19, 2015
16-Mar-2015 - Conference Announcement
                                Agency Sponsorship Form
                                NE Regional Minutes for March 10, 2015
02-Feb-2015 - Added Meeting Times for NE Region and State Wide Coalition 
31-Dec-2014 - Added 2015 Meeting dates for Central Region
18-Nov-2014 - Survey award winner announced
23-Oct-2014 - Certificate of Attendance - Added 2014 Conference Info Tab
22-Oct-2014 - Updated main Page - Added 2014 Conference Info Tab
16-Sep-2014 - Added SE/LS/State Coalition Minutes
                                SE 2015 Meeting Schedule
                                ODP Service Transition Plan
22-Aug-2014 - State Coalition Registration INFO added
14-Aug-2014 - State Coalition Agenda Info added
03-Jul-2014  - Added Department of Labor information & Change Taxes Label
30-Jun-2014 - Fixed Awards of Excellence dates/forms
17-Jun-2014 - 2014 Award of Excellence Nomination Form
16-Jun-2014 - 2014 Annual Coalition Flyer
13-Apr-2014 -  Lifesharing Brochure updated
28-Mar-2014 - Coalition Minutes and Coalition Registration Form
 21-Mar-2014 - Tax Information added
 17-Mar-2014 - Change address for Spectrum Community Services (Events)
 30-Jan-2014 - Added Central Meeting Minutes 2014/01/08
 17-Jan-2014 - Added Northeast Meeting Schedule / Changed Navigation Bar
 16-Jan-2014 - Added Decembers PA Coalition Minutes 
 01-Jan-2014 - Added Meeting Times Central Region & Lifesharing Coalition 
 18-Nov-2013 - Changed Coalition meeting Date to Friday, Dec 13, 2013
 05-Nov-2013 - Link to Lifesharing Video (Further Info)
                                Added new statistical counters
 23-Oct-2013 - Ability to send Webmaster an email
 17-Oct-2013 - Added previous Lifesharing award winners - Fixed visual errors
 24-Sep-2013 - Central & Western Minutes & ODP Bulletin from 1988 on Administration
                                     and Management of Client funds (Further Information)
 13-Sep-2013 - 2014 South East  Meeting Times
 10-Sep-2013 - Mobile Site Enhanced (Facebook Like icon)
 05-Sep-2013 - Meetings Times Added & Contacts